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  • Berlin Genova 

    Indrawan, Stephanus Evert (JOVIS, 2005)
  • Desain Interior Restoran dengan Tema Soerabaya Tempoe Doeloe 

    Leonardi, Alvina; Astrid, Astrid; Indrawan, Stephanus Evert (Program Studi Arsitektur Interior Universitas Ciputra, 2015-10-05)
    Food is one of human’s primary needs. But nowadays, people don’t only consider food as their primary need but also as lifestyle as well as recreational medium. Customers of the restaurant don’t only come to enjoy the meal ...
  • Niat Berwirausaha Mahasiswa dan Keterhubungannya dengan Kecerdasan-Hadapi-Rintangan 

    Padmalia, Metta (Universitas Bunda Mulia, 2017-03)
    Niat dalam berwirausaha dapat dipengaruhi oleh faktor demografis (gender, usia, pengalaman bekerja) dan faktor eksternal, misalnya latar belakang keluarga.Salah satu ciri seorang wirausaha tampak ketika dia menghadapi ...
  • Ther Melian Academy 

    Sutanto, Shienny Megawati (PT Elex Media Komputindo, 2017)
  • The Use of Facebook Fanpage as Promotional Media for the Novel Book fans by using the Model of SMCR Berlo 

    Sutanto, Shienny Megawati (Visual Communication Design Universitas Ciputra, 2016-12)
    The purpose of this research is to find out how Facebook fanpage can be used as media to promote novel for novel book fans by using SMCR Berlo models. This research use qualitative method's with interpretatif paradigm and ...
  • Apakah Penggunaan Utang sebagai Kontrol Konflik Keagenan Masih Efektif? 

    Sienatra, Krismi Budi; Asepta, Uki Yonda (PPM School of Management, 2015-11-24)
    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji penggunaan utang sebagai mediasi antara struktur kepemilikan terhadap kinerja perusahaan. Hubungan struktur kepemilikan, utang, dan kinerja perusahaan didasarkan pada konflik yang ...
  • Lecturers' Entrepreneurial Competencies: Students' View 

    Christina, Christina (International Association of Organizational Innovation, USA, 2013-07-02)
    The fulfillment of the need for entrepreneurship in Indonesia would be most effective through an educational agency. Teachers identified by students as models in an educational context may play a particularly important ...
  • Design and Development of Sight-Reading Application for Kids 

    Loman, Christina Theodora; Wiradinata, Trianggoro (LPPM STIKI Malang, 2014-11-27)
    The most common problem faced by kids is the difficulty to sight-read a music score. On the other side, nowadays kids love to learn by playing games in the form of mobile applications. Unfortunately, currently available ...
  • Information Systems Adoption Among SMEs in Surabaya Greater Area 

    Antonio, Tony; Tanamal, Rinabi; Wiradinata, Trianggoro (Universitas Tarumanagara & Kun Shan University, 2016-11-17)
    The rapid growth of Internet Technology (IT) in Indonesia proposes many new improvement opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) particularly in business process automation. Observing the cost of acquisitioning ...
  • The Analysis of Instagram Technology Adoption as Marketing Tools by Small Medium Enterprise 

    Wiradinata, Trianggoro; Iswandi, Bobby (Department of Electrical Engineering Universitas Diponegoro & IEEE, 2016-10-19)
    In today’s technology driven world, not all technologies could be adopted easily. There are many factors that affect its level of adoption; the most common factors are the perception of usefulness and perceived ease of ...
  • Implementation of Integrated Information Systems for Small Medium Enterprise 

    Wiradinata, Trianggoro; Antonio, Tony (Universitas Tarumanagara, 2015-11-05)
    The swift growth of Internet Technology in Indonesia brings variety of new opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) particularly in business process innovation. Observing the cost of acquisitioning Integrated ...
  • Insights from Technopreneurship Subjects: The Case of Informatics Engineering Department 

    Wiradinata, Trianggoro (Universitas Ciputra, 2014-08-28)
    This article presents an exploratory study on the implementation of project based learning in starting-up Information Technology based new venture at Ciputra University. The vision from its founding father, Dr. Ir. Ciputra ...

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