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  • Entrepreneurship Perajin Batik Tulis Madura (Studi Kasus Perajin Batik Tulis di Desa Paseseh dan Telaga Biru, Kabupaten Bangkalan) 

    Sahertian, Juliuska (Universitas Ciputra, 2016-09-01)
    Penelitian ini diselenggarakan untuk mengetahui bagaimana status sosial ekonomi, pengalaman membatik, juga pengaruh status sosial ekonomi dan pengalaman membatik pada kemandirian/ karakter membentuk karakter entrepreneur ...
  • Quantum Leap Strategy Industri Pariwisata Indonesia Dalam Menghadapi Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean (MEA) 

    Wahyudi, Alexander (Forum Manajemen Indonesia, 2015-11-10)
    In the last decade, almost all countries in the world are trying hard to develop the tourism potential to earn foreign exchange as much as possible. Likewise in Indonesia, each region seeks to develop the tourism potential ...
  • Edupreneurship sebagai Strategi Daya Saing Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah di Jawa Timur Menghadapi MEA 

    Wahyudi, Alexander (Universitas NU Surabaya, 2017-07)
    Education is the answer to disseminate entrepreneurial spirit and skills to the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in East Java. So education entrepreneurship education program that introduces the ...
  • Pengaruh Business Process Reengineering Terhadap Business Process Performance Pada Hotel Budget di Surabaya 

    Oktavio, Adrie (Universitas 45 Surabaya, 2017-06)
    In such a tight business competition climate, the management of budget hotel is required to think of innovative and sustainable business strategies in order to survive and compete with other hotels in the long term. Business ...
  • Tourism CSR by Blue Bird Taxi 

    Gde Satrya Widya Dutha, I Dewa; Tinus Lis Indrianto, Agoes (Universitas Mataram, 2015-07-29)
    One of the Corporate Social Responsibility action in the tourism field is seen in the popularization of the city branding of “Sparkling Surabaya”. This is done by the Blue Bird taxi company in Surabaya. In a creative way, ...
  • Generation Gap at PT Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries Tbk 

    Saputra, Ignatius Teodore Teddy; Tjandrawibawa, Paulina; Christina, Christina (Universitas Ciputra, 2016-08-23)
    Family businesses make up more than 60% of all listed companies in South-east Asia and its succession is considered as one of the company priorities. In Indonesia, about 30% of family-owned businesses survive into the ...

    E. D. R., Wirawan; Sidharta, Helena (Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Telkom, 2015-08-02)
    The purpose of this research is investigating how Head of Department implement management control in their real context This research use phenomenology and in-depth interview forcollecting data, This study found that Head ...
  • Interior Architecture Design for Alex’s Salon 

    Christy, Melissa; Nuradhi, Laurensia Maureen; Istanto, Freddy Handoko (Universitas Ciputra, 2015-10-01)
    Population growth in the developing city led to increased business development one significant property business and have an impact on the interior business. Lifestyle is more developed and modern influence to the needs ...
  • Exposed NEST.CO.LOGY 

    Charisma, Chara; Istanto, Freddy Handoko; Nuradhi, Laurensia Maureen (Universitas Ciputra, 2015-10-01)
    Nowadays, people find restaurant or cafe not just for the food. But now restaurant or cafe become a place for recreation, meeting and leisure places. NEST.CO.LOGY will be one of recommended place to eat and get different ...
  • Desain Toko Oleh-Oleh dan Kopitiam Bernuansa Peranakan Sebagai Warisan Budaya 

    Chananta, Marcelinna; Istanto, Freddy Handoko; Nuradhi, Laurensia Maureen (Universitas Ciputra, 2015-10-01)
    Abstract: Cahaya’s retail an kopitiam is a design project of the interior and achitecture (building’s volume and facade). The retail store located in the first floor sells variety of merchandise and souvenirs.The store sell ...

    Sitepu, Sri Nathasya Br (Universitas Tarumanegara Jakarta, 2015-09-11)
    Social Ministry defines an independent prosperous village is the village where people have selfreliance, participation and social solidarity are high to meet the basic needs and develop sustainable livelihoods and create ...

    Budi, Hutomo Setia; Sutanto, J. E. (Universitas Ciputra, 2015-08-27)
    Acupuncture Therapy engages in healthcare service with a specialty in acupuncture treatment. The business has grown over time through word-of-mouth customer promotion. Many customers recommended traditional acupuncture ...

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