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      E-commerce, Traveloka, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Multiple Regression [1]
      e-commerce, trust, model [1]
      E-learning. Moodle, Information Technology, Opensource. Web Based [1]
      Earnings Management, Life Cycle. Leverage [1]
      EASECOX, Amylinear, health clothing, underwear, corsets, customer satisfaction, product quality, service quality, emotional factor [1]
      economy growth, human's living standard, green-eco and social entrepreneurship, disaster management, sustainable development [1]
      Ecotourism, springs, rural tourism, biodiversity [1]
      ecotourism, village tourism, social entrepreneurship [1]
      Edmodo, Online Learning, Technology Acceptance Model [1]
      edupreneurship, SMEs, cooperatives, entrepreneurial leadership, sustainable [1]
      effectiveness, automated method, manual method. [1]
      Efikasi diri, Pendidikan Kewirausahaan, Minat Berwirausaha [1]
      Ekonomi, Website, Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah, Business Listing, Complaint System [1]
      Ekonomi, Website, Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah, Trusted Business Listing, Complaint Management System [1]
      employee retention effort, characteristic of the employer, reward, job satisfaction [1]
      Empowered Business Technology, beliefs systems, boundary system, diagnostic system, dan interactive system [1]
      Endorse, E-Business, dan Celebrity [1]
      English Medium Instruction, Higher Education, Non-English Speaking, Student challenges [1]
      Entrepeneurship, Akuntani, Pendidikan, Project-based Learning [1]
      entreprenership, mentoring Pegg 5C, challanges, choices, consequenses, creative solutions,conclusion [1]