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Title: Orientasi Religius Dewasa Madya Kristen Dalam Pelayanan Gereja
Authors: Limanto, Yennie
Elizabeth Sukamto, Monique
Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
Keywords: Church Ministry, Activity, Religious Orientation, Middle Aged Christian
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: Anima.Indonesian Psychological Journal - Vol. 23 No.1, Oktober 2007 - ISSN 0215-0158 – Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Surabaya
Citation: Limanto, Y., E Sukamto, M., & Lukito Setiawan, J. (2007). Orientasi religius dewasa madya kristen dalam pelayanan gereja. Anima.Indonesian Psychological Journal, 23(01), 036-049. Retrieved from
Abstract: Abtract. This study was conducted to evaluate the difference of religious orientation between middle aged Christians who were active and inactive in church ministry activities. Participants were the members of church community whose ages were 40-60 years (N -50; active: 25; inactive : 25). The participants were assumed as active if they had participated in church ministry activities for at least one year and had not received any incentives. Religious orientation was measured by Religious Orientation Questionnaire which was designed in a Liken scale, The researchers also added four open-ended questions for deeper analyses. The analysis using the U Mann-Whitney Test showed the difference of religious orientation between those who were active and inactive.Those who were active in church ministry activities showed higher intrinsic religious orientation Key words: Church Ministry, Activity, Religious Orientation, Middle Aged Christian Abstrak : Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk melihat ada tidaknya perbedaan oriantasi religius antara dewasa madya Kristen yang aktif dan tidak aktif dalam kegiatan pelayanan gereja. Subjek penelitian adalah jemaat dewasa madya Kristen yang berada pada rentang usia 40-60 tahun (N=0; aktif: 25, tidak aktif: 25). Subjek dinyatakan aktif, apabila aktif menjalankan kegiatan pelayanan gereja selama minimal 1 tahun dan tidak mendapatkan imbalan dalam bentuk apa pun. Orientasi religius diukur melalui angket Orientasi Religius, yang mengacu pada skala Liken. Peneliti juga menambahkan empet butir terbuka pada angket tersebut. Hasil analisis data yang dilakukan dengan teknik Uji U Mann-Whitney menunjukkan bahwa ada perbedaan orientasi religius antara dewasa madya Kristen yang aktif dan yang tidal aktif dalam pelayanan gereja. Dewasa madya Kristen yang aktif dalam pelayanan gereja memiliki orientasi relegius yang lebih intrinsik. Kata kunci: Pelayanan Gereja, Keaktifan,Orientasi Religius, Dewasa Madya Kristen
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