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Title: Sikap Terhadap Euthanasia
Authors: Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
K Pudjibudoyo, Jatie
Soenaryo, Bambang
Keywords: Euthanasia, Attitude. Belief
Issue Date: Feb-2008
Publisher: Jurnal Ilmia Sosial & Humaniora - Vol.03 No.02, Feb 2008 - ISSN 0216-1532 - LPPM Universitas Surabaya
Citation: Lukito Setiawan , J., K Pudjibudoyo, J., & Soenaryo, B. (2008). Sikap terhadap euthanasia. Jurnal Ilmia Sosial & Humaniora, 03(02), 001-010. Retrieved from
Abstract: The aim of this research is to investigate Indonesians' attitude to euthanasia, the reasons underlying their attitude, and solutions if they do not support euthanasia. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches were adopted in this study in order to give a fuller picture of issues under investigation. Data collection methods include self-administered questionnaire and individual interviews. A total of 155 respondents volentered in completing the questionnaire and 16 of them also participated in me individual interview. Results showed that 69.7% respondents had negative attitude towards euthanasia, 27.1% respondents were undecided, and only 3.2% respondents supported euthanasia. Beliefs that death and life are under God's authority so that human beings do not have any rights to stop life, are the strong reasons for not supporting euthanasia. Human beings should continue their efforts to cure their illness and submit toGod's will on their lives.
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