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Title: Konversi Agama Dalam Kehidupan Pernikahan
Authors: Dwisaptani, Rani
Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
Keywords: Konversi Agama, Kehidupan Penikahan
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Humaniora Jurnal Budaya, Sastra dan Bahasa - Vol.20 No.3, Oktober 2008 - ISSN 0852-0801 - Fakultas Ilmu Budaya UGM
Citation: Dwisaptani, R., & Lukito Setiawan, J. (2008). Konversi agama dalam kehidupan pernikahan. Humaniora Jurnal Budaya, Sastra dan Bahasa, 20(03), 327-339. Retrieved from
Abstract: This research aims to investigate factors and processes underlying religious conversion in marital life. The study adopts a qualitative method. The data were collected from three participants through semi-structured interviews. Results showed that religion conversion by the participants resulted from their desire to many somebody having a different religion; the feeling of not meeting God In their former religion, which is related to the lack of religious values implanted early in life and to life crises and conflicts.
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