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Title: Developing Interpersonal And Interpersonal Skills On Guidence And Counseling Teacher To Increase Happines And Satisfaction
Authors: Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
Keywords: Guidance And Counseling, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Satisfaction , Happiness
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: A Proceeding of The International, Conference on Spirituality – 2010 - ISBN: 978-602-96209-2-4 - Maranatha Christian University.
Citation: Setiawan, J. L. (2010). Developing interpersonal and interpersonal skills on guidence and counseling teacher to increase happines and satisfaction. In A Proceeding of The International Conference on Spirituality "Introduction To Psychology of Religion: a New Frontier Approach in Indonesia" (pp. 027-035). Retrieved from
Abstract: It is widely known that individuals in adolescence period experience many changes in their lives, both physically and psychologically. Arguably, high school students who are normally in the adolescence period need psychological support from guidance and counseling teachers to cope with emotional problems that might arise from these changes. Students also need some help to understand their aptitudes and interests in order to able to plan their future study and career. However, guidance and counseling teachers faced many constraints which not only affected the effectiveness of their service but also their psychological conditions such as dissatisfaction and unhappiness in relation to their roles. This study aims to identify the constraints that guidance and counseling teachers experience in their service. Fifty-five guidance and counseling teachers participated in this study by reporting four major constraints in their service. Data were analyzed based on themes arisen from the data and grouped into intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational and community levels. Results showed that many constraints were rooted in intrapersonal and interpersonal factors. Details of findings and recommendations on developing intrapersonal and interpersonal competence to increase satisfaction and happiness will be explored further in this paper.
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