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Title: Religiosity And Spirituality As Two Sides Of The Same Coin: An Integrated Concept Based On Christian Perspective
Authors: Yuliawati, Livia
Keywords: Religiosity, Spirituality, Christian Perspective, Integrated Concept
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: A Proceeding of The International, Conference on Spirituality – 2010 - ISBN: 978-602-96209-2-4 - Maranatha Christian University
Citation: Yuliawati, L. (2010). Religiosity and spirituality as two sides of the same coin: An integrated concept based on christian perspective. In A Proceeding of The International Conference on Spirituality "Introduction To Psychology of Religion: a New Frontier Approach in Indonesia" (pp. 047-058). Retrieved from
Abstract: Since the early church-fathers-era, there was a long history about the struggle between faith and reason, sacred and secular, religion and science, included psychology and theology until now. Those struggles emerged the questions like whether they are foes or friends, why they are foes or friends, how close they are if they are friends, how far they are if they are foes. So many models were trying to answer those questions by proposing the possibilities of their relationships. Some proposed conflict, separation, until integration in variety ways. Nowadays, religiosity and spirituality become the part of those struggles. The term "spiritual but not religious" become popular and it is claimed as the better one. Many people discuss religiosity and spirituality from their varying definitions, position to each other, and the broad practice of them. The writer also tries to be involved in that discussion through this article. So the aim of this article is finding the relationship of religiosity and spirituality. Based on Christian perspective, the writer find that religiosity and spirituality as integrated concept like two sides of the same coin. Religiosity and spirituality are interdependent and they overlap in some aspects. Like the coin can't be a valid coin without the both sides of it. Hence religiosity without spirituality is dry and spirituality without religiosity is blind. If someone yearns to have true faith and life, be spiritual and be religious are necessary. The writer will explain further how religiosity and spirituality complement each other and how this concept's impact for personal development, education, psychology, also Christian institutions and ministry.
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