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Title: The Importance Of Marriage Enrichment Program In Improving Happiness And Well-Being
Authors: Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
Keywords: Marriage, Marriage Enrichment Program, Well-Being, Happiness.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Proceeding Book, Mindfulness, Well-Being & Positive Psychology – Edisi Pertama – 2012 – Psychology Faculty Of Tarumanegara University
Citation: Setiawan, J. L. (2012). The importance of marriage enrichment program in improving happiness and well-being. In Proceeding Book: Mindfulness, Well-Being & Positive Psychology (pp. 653-666). Retrieved from
Abstract: Happiness is a concept that is very much related to well-being. Most of people get married with the expectation to experience happiness in their life. However many couples do not prepare themselves and do not do extra work in their marriage to create the happiness. They have the fairy-tale conception of marriage’ ... they live happily ever after'... happiness will happen automatically. In fact, couples need to work on their marriage to build the happiness. The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between marriage enrichment program and well-being of the couple. The concept of well-being and the ways in which marriage contributes to well-being are explored. The importance of marriage enrichment program will be discussed. The paper will also examine the content and method of an existing Marriage Enrichment program, to see the way they are beneficial for the participants. Further discussions and recommendations on marriage enrichment program will be explored.
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