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Title: The Application of Cooperative Learning Strategies On Entrepreneurship Course Delivered In University Of Ciputra
Authors: Melinda, Tina
Kusuma, Meidiahna
Keywords: Learning Strategy, Cooperative Learning Strategy, Entrepreneurship Education
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: SEAAIR 9TH Annual Conference - 2009 – ISBN: 978-983-3986-79-8 – SEAAIR (South East Asian Association For Institutional Research) Universiti Sains Malaysia
Abstract: Learning process is defined as a process of obtaining new information and knowledge. As an educator, one should be able to determine the right teaching strategy hence students can achieve their learning objective effectively and efficiently. Therefore, an educator need to consider student’s interest, condition and studying styles in defining student’s learning objectives in preparing the teaching material. One of the interactive approaches is through cooperative learning strategy in which students are divided into groups and are expected to discover and solve problems given in the group discussion. Given the aforementioned arguments, this study will examine students’ acceptance toward the implementation of cooperative learning strategy that consists of five element: (1) positive dependency among member in a group; (2) individual responsibility; (3) face-to-face interactive; (4) communication between member and (5) peer evaluation on group works, this study is conducted in University of Ciputra that aims to create world class entrepreneurs and thus is focusing on entrepreneurship course since this course support the university’s goal and gives s chance for student from various disciplines to learn and word the samples of this study are 48 students from batch 2007 from 6 different programs; i.e. international business management, Tourism Hotel Management, Information Technology, Visual Communication Design, interior Design and psychology; taking the Entrepreneurship 4 course. The result shows that the students perceive the application of cooperative learning strategy positively. They feel the benefit of cooperative learning strategy that requires them to learn and work closely with members in a group from different education backgrounds. And thus, it can be concluded that the application of cooperative learning strategy can help students from different disciplines to equally absorb the entrepreneurial knowledge as well as be motivated in achieving objective.
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