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Title: Creating University’s Competitive Strategy Through A Qualified Knowledge Transformation (A Case Study In Ciputra University)
Authors: Melinda, Tina
Keywords: Competitive advantage, Transformation, Knowledge Management, Higher Education
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) - Vol.3 Tahun 2009 - ISSN: 1978-774X
Citation: Melinda, T. (2009). Creating university’s competitive strategy through a qualified knowledge transformation (a case study in ciputra university). In ISIEM "Quality, Competitiveness, and Value-Added Services In Solving Predetermined Global Crisis" (pp. E134-E141). Retrieved from
Abstract: Economy globalization and information technology revolution give a tremendous impact to higher Education in Indonesia. When a national education cannot respond to the globalization challenge, the institution is expected to lose its role in the society. During the development of the new era economy, institution competitiveness is dependable on the level of knowledge that can be institutionalized into an organization discipline in which it is coming from the human resource. The process in creating the organizational knowledge is happened through the interaction between members inside the organization, so there is a conversion of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge fundamentally and continuously. The knowledge transformation line is functioned as integrator and mixer the knowledge the individual learning result into organization’s human capital. This research sees the quality of knowledge line in order to achieve the competitiveness. The respondents are the student of Ciputra University, by using questionnaire in order to measure the 4 indicator transformation. The data was analyzed by using Factor Analysis. The result of the study shows that these 4 indicators of knowledge transformation are confirmed. It indicates that without the knowledge transformation line, hard work and employees’ commitment won’t result in an organization’s additional point.
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