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Title: An Application of PBL for Studio Based Learning in Teaching Basic Design Concept in Universitas Ciputra.
Authors: Nuradhi, Maureen
Kiswandono, Istiawati
Issue Date: Mar-2007
Publisher: International Problem-Based Learning Symposium – 9 Maret 2007 – ISBN: 978-981-05-7718-6 – Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
Citation: Nuradhi, M., & Kiswandonoi , I. (2007). An application of pbl for studio based learning in teaching basic design concept in universitas ciputra.. In Symposium Proceeding:International Problem-Based Learning Symposium (pp. 134-149). Retrieved from
Abstract: Art is a tacit knowledge. UC style PBL has applied to teach basic design as Studio Based Learning in the Interior Design Department in Universitas Ciputra Surabaya. The modification includes combination with conversation with experts and entrepreneurs. The results show a faster and better learning outcomes both in the cognitive and affective aspects. The research is based on the observation and comparison in the studio based learning class with PBL and non PBL class. Through PBL we found that the creative and production process in the studio arc more excited. The collaborative learning also give more creative design results because unlimited information gained during the learning process, even though the students come from a typically passive and low appreciation in art background. The paper includes data. Photos of activities and design results.
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