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Title: The Physical Construction of Sense Of Place A Case Study of Ciputra World Shopping Centre of Surabaya
Authors: Kusumowidagdo, Astrid
Sachari, Dr.Agus
Widodo, Dr.Pribadi
Keywords: Sense of Place, Physical Factors, Shopping Centre.
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Publisher: Proceeding International Conference: Culture, Society, Technology And Urban Development In Nusantara – Oktober 2012 – ISBN: 978-602-18955-1-1 – UNPAD Press
Citation: Kusumowidagdo, A., Sachari , D. A., & Widodo, D. P. (2012). The physical construction of sense of place a case study of ciputra world shopping centre of surabaya. In Proceeding International Conference: Culture, Society, Technology And Urban Development In Nusantara (pp. 300-313). Retrieved from
Abstract: New shape and concepts and creative ideas exploration with regard to experience creation which has the point of interests for customers in the public spaces of commercial building are often encountered. In this study, a shopping center is a case study to understand about the relation among physical designs of commercial public space which conditions the atmosphere to be the mental image of sense of place creator at certain level. As a recreation center does, such unique design of this space will help the management to creatively create a "theatrical" atmosphere of space for the visitors, especially those public spaces, so that those shapes finally can seduce the visitors to be interested in visiting the spare and thus, a special bound between the shopping centre and the contemporary society can eventually be created as the preference place to support their lifestyle. This study is aimed to find out the role of internal public space (internal quasi public space) arrangement, especially at a shopping center, in order to create the sense of place. Sense of place is usually constructed from physical factor and social factor, but the study will only focus deeper on the physical factor. Further, the specific objective of study can be described to obtain the scheme of correlation between public space physical elements in its role to create various scales of sense of place, especially at a shopping center. The study case in this matter is Ciputra World Shopping Center of Surabaya. The subject of study consists of 15 informants at Ciputra World of Surabaya. The method of study employed herein is called qualitative methods will be joined. The result is physical dimension of certain place is related to comfort as well as to create the sense of place.
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