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Title: Increasing Companies' Competitiveness by Developing Intrapreneurship
Authors: Tambunan, Darnelina B
Keywords: Competitiveness, Intrapreneur, Knowledge Management, Empowerment, Participative Management.
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: Proceeding, Quality, Competitiveness, and Value-Added Services in Solving Predetermined Global Crisis – Vol.3, Desember 2009 – ISSN: 1978-774X - International Seminar on Industrial Engineering And Management (ISIEM).
Citation: Tambunan, D. B. (2009). Increasing companies' competitiveness by developing intrapreneurship. In Proceeding, Quality, Competitiveness, and Value-Added Services in Solving Predetermined Global Crisis (pp. A-45). Retrieved from
Abstract: Recent condition of business is very competitive and rapid in changing to survive and succeed in this environment, companies must work on continuous improvement of the products they sell and on the process they run the business. Knowledge is the key as knowledge is considered as a foundation of a business competitive advantage. Knowledge allows creative employees to solve problems and to face the competition. To make sure that company can run business in that way, company must have employees who have entrepreneur's characters and they are usually named as "intrapreneur." Intrapreneurs commonly start a new line of business within a large organization. Intrapreneurs elso called corporate entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs’ characters are highly motivated person to create something new creatively and innovatively, have market sensitivity and calculated risk taker. This writing is literature study, the author collected related material from many different sources, analyzed by using personal point of view but based on supporting theories and some expertise's point of view, then concluded. Therefore, the conclusion of this writing is to encourage intrapreneurs' characters, companies must provide supportive environment by knowledge management and empowerment
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