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Title: The Analysis of Customer Relationship Marketing Impact Toward Customer Satisfaction At Astra Credit Company Surabaya.
Authors: Hongdiyanto, Charly
Keywords: Customer Relationship Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, Referrals
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: Proceeding, Quality, Competitiveness, and Value-Added Services in Solving Predetermined Global Crisis – Vol.3, Desember 2009 – ISSN: 1978-774X - International Seminar on Industrial Engineering And Management (ISIEM).
Citation: Hongdiyanto, C. (2009). The analysis of customer relationship marketing impact toward customer satisfaction at astra credit company surabaya. In Proceeding, International Seminar on Industrial Engineehng and Management:Quality, Competitiveness, and Value-Added Services in Solving Predetermined Global Crisis (pp. A.45-A.51). Retrieved from
Abstract: The topic of this research is to analyze Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) impact toward satisfaction at Astra Credit Company (ACC). The background of this research is to analyze whether CRM including relationship, retention, referrals and recovery collectivity or partially influence customer satisfaction at ACC. The research use descriptive method involves collecting the primary data. This process is done using questionnaires. The result obtained processed with statistical software to answer the hypothesis. The sample was randomly selected based on criteria predetermined, relevant to the objectives of the research. The study uses Multiple Regression Analysis instrument to test if each variable is significantly affecting the decision when tested individually. The population consists of ACC's customers. 40 customers are randomly selected. In simple random sampling, every element in the population has a known and equal chance of being selected as a subject. As the result of this research process, the research findings are stated. Each concludes some samples which are appropriate with the characteristic of research.
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