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Title: School Climate and Students' SSEF Efficacy to Be Entrepreneur
Authors: Kurniawan, Jimmy Ellya
Keywords: Entrepreneur, Self-Efficacy, School climate, Student
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” – Book 02, June 2012 – ISBN: 978-979-19081-6-0 – CIEL SBM-ITB.
Citation: Kurniawan, J. E. (2012). School climate and students' ssef efficacy to be entrepreneur. In Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” (pp. 049-054). Retrieved from
Abstract: Recently, Indonesia's government began to encourage schools to implement entrepreneurship education. Either through intra curricular orextracurricularcourses.Since2010, indonesian's Minister of Education has targeting entrepreneurship education into curriculum from elementary to high school or vocational school, even in universities. One indicator of entrepreneurship education success is student's self-efficacy to be entrepreneur. Student 's self-efficacy to be entrepreneur is defined as a belief about student 's ability to become a successful entrepreneur through manage the circumstances surrounding them. There are four sources of information that affects the growth of student self-efficacy, namely performance accomplishment, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion and emotional arousal. These four sources of information can be obtained by their school climate. School climate is a student's subjective view toward the environmental of learning in school. There are four dimensions of school climate that can become sources of information for students' self-efficacy to be entrepreneur, that are safety, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning, and institutional environment. This article will describe assumptions about the dynamics of relationship between school climate and student's self-efficacy to be entrepreneur
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