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Title: Achieve the Opportunity Created By Global Economy Crisis To Boost Economic Condition Of Indonesia Through Entrepreneurial Leadership.
Authors: Fukuhara S, Gerry
Muklim, Rabela
Muklim, Robianto
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Global Economy Crisis, Human Resources
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” – Book 04, June 2012 – ISBN: 978-979-19081-8-4 – CIEL SBM-ITB.
Citation: Fukuhara S, G., Muklim, R., & Muklim, R. (2012). Achieve the opportunity created by global economy crisis to boost economic condition of indonesia through entrepreneurial leadership. In Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” (pp. 143-150). Retrieved from
Abstract: This paper will talk about how entrepreneurial leadership could enable Indonesia to take the opportunity that is available due to the movement of economic trends from America and Europe to Asia. By boosting the spirit of people in Indonesia to embed the character of entrepreneurial leaders, it means that Indonesia success to empower its most valuable resources, the human, to bring positive impact towards economic condition in Indonesia among the global economy crisis happens right now. Qualitative-descriptive design is applied as the collecting data system in this research. Secondary data is used to create the analyzing process as theoretical research. All data about the latest global economy conditions, the reasons why the crisis happens, the forecasting about how economy global develops, also the recent update of Indonesia's economic condition, are gathered to help the writer conclude and take the connection with the entrepreneurial leadership itself All the analyzing process will be based on managerial economy theory, human resource theory, entrepreneurship theory, and key success st01Y of some successful entrepreneurs all around the world
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