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Title: Progress Business Franchise In Indonesia
Authors: Eriady, Melinda
Ayu C, Yemima
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” – Book 04, June 2012 – ISBN: 978-979-19081-8-4 – CIEL SBM-ITB.
Citation: Eriady, M., & Ayu C, Y. (2012). Progress business franchise in indonesia. In Proceeding of the 4th IICIES “Developing & Collaborating In Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Pursue ASEAN Emerging Market” (pp. 157-161). Retrieved from
Abstract: In the business, there are many kinds of businesses. From manufacturer, distributor, home industry, franchise to online business. Franchising is essentially a marketing concept in order to expand its business network quickly. Franchise systems are considered to have many advantages, especially regarding financing, human resources and management, unless the brand owner's willingness to share with others. Franchising is also known as a highly effective distribution channels to bring products to their customers through the hands of the franchisee. In addition, will be discussed are how the development of businesses franchise, particularly in Indonesia from the franchise began in Indonesia today. In part this is what will be the focus of the discussion of the contents of this paper. Besides how it goes, will also be discussed whether and how the impact of this franchise business for economic development in Indonesia, The basis of the authors to choose title "Progress Business Franchise in Indonesia" Indonesian us to know how the historical development of franchise business in Indonesia as well as its impact on the economy of Indonesia. Thus, we can understand the extent to which the development of Indonesia's economy is in a franchise business in Indonesia. From this it is expected that the people of Indonesia are encouraged to improve our economy is still enough left for our country become a developed country. History of the business franchise
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