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Title: The Effect of Classical Music on Math Achievement of 6th Grade Student
Authors: Wongso, Wawan
Yuliawati, Livia
Keywords: classical music, math, experiments
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: Anima, IndonesianPsychological Journal - Vol.26 No.3, April 2011 - ISSN: 0215-0158 – Universitas Surabaya
Citation: Wongso, W., & Yuliawati , L. (2011). The effect of classical music on math achievement of 6th grade student. Anima, IndonesianPsychological Journal, 26(3), 169-178. Retrieved from
Abstract: The phenomenon which shows that the math lesson is still one of the most feared by the students at school, especially in elementary school, became one of the reasons why math was chosen in this research. Classical music was chosen as a factor that is expected to affect math achievement because of the many previous studies were still in controversy of findings. The aim of this research was to find out whether classical music can have positive influence on a child's math achievement. This study used non-equivalent control group design. This design was chosen because in the control and experimental groups, the subject has been determined strictly in order to minimize variables that might disturb the course of the experiment. With the results of statistical analysis with p-value= .1196, then concluded there was no significant effect of listening to classical music and mathematics achievement score. Some consideration and explanation also will be discussed further in this research
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