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Title: Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty on G-Walk Brand
Authors: Sutanto, J.E
Kusumowidagdo, Astrid
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Education, Project Based Learning, Customer Satisfaction, Brand.
Issue Date: Aug-2012
Publisher: STIE IEU & KADIN Surabaya
Citation: Sutanto, J. E., & Kusumowidagdo, A. (2012). Customer satisfaction to customer loyalty on g-walk brand. 05(02), Retrieved from
Abstract: This research will give advantages for the entrepreneurship lecturers' team to give feed back and also to explore the result of Project Based Learning Method on Entrepreneurship-S in University of Ciputra comprehensively. This subject is attended by every students form every department on third semester. These students form a multidisciplinary team to run their own retail project. This study explored further the influence of costumer satisfaction that measured by attributes related to product (X1), attributes related to service (X2) and attributes to purchase (X3) to G-WALK brand. This research was conducted by using multiple regression analysis. The number of research's sample was 158 people, who came and bought food products at student retail project on 25, October 2008 until November, 22, 2008. This research, which is categorized as descriptive-conclusive research, .describes the attributes of customer loyalty to customer satisfaction of G-WALK location brand loyalty, and examines the causal connection between the customer satisfactions to customer loyalty of G-WALK brand. The result shows that the variables of consumer satisfaction, (Xl) and(X3) variables are significant to G-WALK brand loyalty, but (X2) variable is not significant for the G-WALK Brand Loyalty. In further research, it is suggested to have more items on question questionnaire
ISSN: 1411-6014
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