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Title: Hubungan Antara Orientasi Pasar Dengan Intrapreneurship Pada Guru
Authors: Ellya Kurniawan, Jimmy
Keywords: Intrapreneurship, Market Orientation, School, Teacher.
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: Jurnal Psikologi,Pitutur - Vol.1 No.2, Desember 2012 – ISSN: 2302-5646 - Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Muria Kudus
Citation: Kurniawan, J. E. (2012). Hubungan antara orientasi pasar dengan intrapreneurship pada guru. Jurnal Psikologi,Pitutur, 01(02), 113-120. Retrieved from
Abstract: The best way to increase the school's competitiveness is improving intrapreneurship, especially for teachers. Intrapreneurship defined as an innovative, risk taking and proactive effort by organization members to increase their organizational competitiveness. Intrapreneurship dimensions include innovation, risk taking and proactive. Intrapreneurship can be maintained and improved by developing a market orientation culture in the school. Market orientation is the part of the organizational culture that gives priority to profits and to providing good value to customers, whilst at the same time supporting the interests and further development of the organization. Market orientation dimensions include customer orientation dimension, competitor orientation and inter-functional coordination. This study was held in a private school in Sidoarjo, East Java with 27 teachers who returned their questionnaire. The result shows that there's a relationship between market orientation and teacher's intrapreneurship (r = 0.401, p < 0.05). The effective contribution of market orientation to intrapreneurship is 16.1%.
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