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Title: Diferensiasi Dan Pola Pikir Entrepreneur Sebagai Terobosan Terhadap Kompetisi Industri Yang Ketat
Authors: Santoso, Markus
Keywords: Differentiation Strategy, Characters of Entrepreneur, Monopoly Competitive
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: Vicidi Scientific Journal – Vol.1 No.1, Mai 2010 – ISSN: 2086-8774 – Universitas Ciputra Surabaya
Citation: Santoso, M. (2010). Diferensiasi dan pola pikir entrepreneur sebagai terobosan terhadap kompetisi industri yang ketat. Vicidi Scientific Journal, 01(01), 043-052. Retrieved from
Abstract: These days entry barriers far some industries becomes weaker than before through fest development of information system and technology. An impact from weaken of an entry barriers is that on industry became easier to get inside the High Competitive Industry. Differentiation strategy is a strategy that can be applied by companies to move away from high competitive industry into monopoly competitive that give a better opportunity of profitability. Ensuring the differentiation strategy become easier to apply and implement, it needs an individual who have a mind and characteristic of entrepreneurship, there are 3 characters of entrepreneur that could support differentiation strategy, e.g. Innovations, Calculated Risk Taking and Opportunity Creating.
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