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Title: Komik Sebagai Media Belajar Anak, Peluang Baru Dalam Industri Komik Lokal
Authors: Megawati, Shienny
Keywords: Comic, Indonesian Comic, Comic Writter, Visual Communication Design
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: VICIDI Scientific Journal – Vol.1 No.1, Mei 2010 – ISSN: 2086-8774 – Universitas Ciputra Surabaya
Citation: Megawati , S. (2010). Komik sebagai media belajar anak, peluang baru dalam industri komik lokal. VICIDI Scientific Journal, 01(01), 011-021. Retrieved from
Abstract: Comic as one of the art and communication media, is not something new. Recently, the local publisher, however, has begun to publish science and education comics for children. By their visual appealing to support the contents, the use of comic as a learning medium can be reasonably seen as an opportunity that parents, educators, or local comic writers should respond to positively
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