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Title: Property Based Business Incubator: Creative Ways to Foster Entrepreneurship In Indonesia.
Authors: Indrianto, Agoes Tinus Lis
Keywords: Property Based Business Incubator: Creative Ways to Foster Entrepreneurship In Indonesia.
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Media Mahardhika, Media Komunikasi Ekonomi Dan Manajemen – Vol.9 No.1, September 2010 – ISSN: 0854-0861 - Sekolah Tinggi ilmu Ekonomi Mahardhika
Citation: Indrianto, A. T. L. (2010). Property based business incubator: Creative ways to foster entrepreneurship in indonesia. Media Mahardhika, Media Komunikasi Ekonomi Dan Manajemen, 09(01), 061-079. Retrieved from
Abstract: 1. Introduction It is obvious that entrepreneurship is the key to boost the economic development in Indonesia. It provides job, generates income and develops the region. However, for many years, entrepreneurship has been under valued by most of Indonesian. It had been considered to be the area that only belongs to a certain ethnic group in the country. Therefore, it was rarely discussed in public or academic environment. The discussion on the entrepreneurship development in Indonesia was only limited to established companies, there are few discussion addressing the start up business. However, in the past 10 years, the idea about entrepreneurship has started to be discussed among bigger audience, in public or academic area. In this case, some big companies or private sectors start to give real action of support toward entrepreneurship. Moreover, the action had been taken seriously by Ciputra, one of the Indonesian Tycoons. Using his business network, he set up educational institution from elementary to higher education that focuses on entrepreneurship. Then, he was also actively spread entrepreneurship through the media, seminars and the national government (UCEC 2009). The idea about developing entrepreneurship in Indonesia has started to appear in public discussion. The effort of making it as the big concern in Indonesian economics started to enter in many public discussions.
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