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Title: Trend dan Daya Beli Masyarakat IndonesiaTerhadap Perhiasan logam Mulia
Authors: Dewi, Syanti Lydia
Keywords: Gold Jewelry Trend, Gold Price, Gold Jewelry Market, Gold Development, Gold Jewelry Demand
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: VICIDI Scientific Journal – Vol.1 No.1 Mei 2010 – ISSN: 2086-8774 – Universitas Ciputra
Citation: Dewi, L. S. (2010). Trend dan daya beli masyarakat indonesiaterhadap perhiasan logam mulia. VICIDI Scientific Journal, 01(01), 053-065. Retrieved from
Abstract: A study reveals that jewelry remains the most sought after accessories. It reflects of social status or wealth wearing precious jewelry. Gold is the most popular jewelry items in Indonesia. During 2002-2006 the domestic demand for Gold and Silver fluctuate 69.99% and United Press International cited the gold price increased 66%. The research shows that the price of Gold in the precious metals market depend on the value of the Rupiah toward the US dollar and also because the price of oil. There are significant changes of price, weight and gold design since the earliest of history till today. Design trends changing from massive, square, bulky design into lighter, organic and void. The question is will customers demand influence the price of Gold and the design itself?
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