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Title: Cultural Changing In Global Competition
Authors: Kusuma, Meidiahna
Keywords: Global Market, Advertisement, Culture
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2012
Publisher: Proceeding, Innovation in Technology, Information, and Management Concerning Worldwide Economic Challenge – Vol.5, -16 Feb 2012 – ISSN: 1978-774X – 5th ISIEM
Citation: Kusuma, M. (2012). Cultural changing in global competition. In Proceeding. Innovation In Technology, Information, And Management Concerning Worldwide Economic Challenge (pp. IM-111). Retrieved from
Abstract: In going global, firms are forced to be local yet stay competitive. It is because culture defeats the possibility to use a purely standardization strategy for going global. Culture also turned out to be a factor contributing the existence of controversial product. A lot of everyday product is considered as controversial product that make firms find the difficulty in marketing the product. However, culture is dynamic thus people's perception toward controversial product might also change. Thus, this research will analyze if cultural changing happen by using advertisement of controversial product in a global controversial magazine as the illustration
ISSN: 1978-774X
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