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      : pendididikan entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention, pertumbuhan pribadi [1]
      Academic Achievement; Students’ Monthly Spending; Mentoring Quality; Money For Business [1]
      Academic self-concept, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, confirmatory factor analysis, Indonesian version scales [1]
      Accounting Active Leaning, Etika, Metode Pengajaran [1]
      Accounting Active Learning, Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurial University, integrasi pembelajaran akuntansi, pendidikan akuntansi [1]
      accounting active learning, kreativitas, pendidikan akuntansi [1]
      Acquisition, Impact of Acquisition, and Case Study [1]
      Active learning, Higher education, Learning Model, Learning method, Human resources [1]
      Active learning, pendidikan entrepreneurship, Akuntansi Biaya [1]
      Adolescent Entrepreneurial Orientation, Leisure Time, Entrepreneurship [1]
      adolescents, consumer culture, mall, place attachment [1]
      Adopsi Teknologi, Inovasi Jasa, Strategi Memenangkan Persaingan, Bisnis [1]
      Adopsi Teknologi, Kerangka Kerja TOE, UMKM [1]
      Aduino; ZigBee; wireless sensor network [1]
      Advertising, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, Purchasing Decisions [1]
      aesthetics, customer perceived quality, customer satisfaction, durability, serviceability [1]
      aesthetics, serviceability, perceived quality, durability, customer satisfaction [1]
      Agency Conflicts, Institutional Ownership, Leverage, and Free Cash Flow [1]
      agile technique [1]
      Agriculture Extension Service, Rural Financing, Institutional Context of Lender, agricultural technology adoption, Indonesia [1]