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Title: The Influence of Cultural Factors in Media Industry
Authors: Kusuma, Meidiahna
Keywords: Customization, Standardization, Hofstede's Cultural Dimension, Hall's Communication Context
Issue Date: 28-Apr-2011
Publisher: Widyatama University and De La Salle Lipa - April 27-28 2011 - ISBN: 978-979-25-0221-3
Citation: Kusuma , M. (2011). The influence of cultural factors in media industry. In Proceedings, International Seminar on Business and Management "Improving Business Competitiveness Through Integrated System" (pp. A42-A47). Retrieved from
Abstract: An integration process means standardizing company's activities hence cost minimization can be achieved. During the process, a company should aware that not all activities can be integrated due to differences, namely culture. This paper is an empirical research that will determine the relationship between cultural factors and advertisement disclosed in a global controversial magazine using a content analysis approach. As the cultural factors, Hofstede's cultural dimension and Half's communication context culture are used. The result indicates that among those cultural dimensions, femininity influences the number of advertisement of controversial product and number of information cues disclosed in advertisement. Further, Hall's communication context also influences the arrangement of number of information cues conveyed in advertisement
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