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Title: Customization Strategy in Media Industry
Authors: Kusuma, Meidiahna
Keywords: customization, culture, global product
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2010
Publisher: Proceeding, Industrial Design and Technology Development – Vol.4 – 4 Desember 2010 – ISSN: 1978-774X – 4th ISIEM.
Citation: Kusuma, M. (2010). Customization strategy in media industry. In Proceeding 4th ISIEM,"Industrial Design and Technology Development Towards Global Challenge" (pp. 391-398). Retrieved from
Abstract: Technology development triggers the development of media industry, including magazine. Lot of magazine publishers enter new markets using standardize brand with adjustment on the content. Due to that fact, this study intends 10 determine the relationship between cultural factors and customization strategy of a global controversial product using Playboy magazine as a research target. Through a content analysis of four nation editions, the relationship between culture and images disclosed on Playboy magazine are hypothesized. As for the cultural factors, Hofstede's cultural dimensions and Half's high-low context were used. Result found that a country's level of collectivism significantly influences the use of male models and the degree of nudity on the images disclosed on the magazine.
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