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Title: The Influence of Retailing Mix Performance to Customer Value and Customer Satisfaction at CBR'S Health Retailing Store Bandung
Authors: Christian, Sonata
Keywords: Retailing Mix, Customer Value, Product and Merchandising, Price, Place, Physical Evidence, Personnel, Service, and Promotion
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Proceeding Seminar Nasional dan Call For Papers “Sustainable Competitive Advantage-2” – Cetakan Pertama, 2012 – ISBN: 978-979-9204-67-7 – Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
Citation: Christian, S. (2012). he influence of retailing mix performance to customer value and customer satisfaction at cbr's health retailing store bandung. In Proceeding Seminar Nasional dan Call For Papers “Sustainable Competitive Advantage-2” (pp. 109-126). Retrieved from
Abstract: The higher the intensity of competition may affect the existence of the company in its efforts to achieve a desired goal, which is to deliver value to the market with a profit. Customer value is a key factor believed to be able to be a measuring tool in creating sustainable competitive advantage. This research target is to analyze the influence of retailing mix performance which are base on product and merchandising, price, place, physical evidence, personnel, service and promotion to customer value at CBR's Health Retailing Store Bandung. In addition, this research will also help management determine the variables that significantly affect customer value. The analysis method used is descriptive analysis and verification analysis. Descriptive analysis using Cartesian Diagram interval score technique while the verification analysis using path analysis (two equation path model) as a statistical partial t-test for each variable and the F-test to test the overall variables simultaneously with the computer program SPSS version 12. According to descriptive analysis result for analyze customer value, the possibility of customer exist to became client (repetitive customer) is only 22 %. This is likely caused by their performance of retailing mix now is still not meeting the customer's need. Verificatif analysis utilized by path analysis show that only product and merchandising variable and services variable had significant influence to customer value. Verificatif analysis utilized by SPSS Program version 12 proved that retailing mix performance influence to customer value for 62,7 % (equal with coefficient determination 0.627). Other variable outside of the research influence 37,3 % to customer value
ISBN: 978-979-9204-67-7
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