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      Management accounting, entrepreneurship, Project Based Learning. [1]
      Management Control System, Hospitality Industry, Finance Accounting, Hotel [1]
      Management System, Distribution Line, Sales, Network cooperation, Sales Strategy [1]
      management, succession, performance, family company. [1]
      Marital, Husband, Wife, Businessman [1]
      Marital, Relation Strategies, Business Efficacy, Entrepreneur [1]
      Market and Marketing Aspects, Production Technical and Technology Aspects, Management and Organizational Aspects, Legal and Legal Aspects, Economic and Financial Aspects, and Environmental Aspects (EIA) [1]
      Marketing Capability, Market Orientation, Learning Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Marketing Performance. [1]
      Marketing Mix (4P), Consumer Buying Decision, Board Game Cafe, Malang City [1]
      Marketing Mix (4P), Consumer Buying Decision, Patisserie, Pastry Cake, Malang City [1]
      marketing mix, 4Ps, product, price, place, promotion, apparel brand, start up brand, ready to wear [1]
      Marketing Strategies, Brand Identity, Improving Business Competitiveness, Akal Design [1]
      Marketing Strategy, 7P, Photography and Videography, Surabaya, Indonesia [1]
      Markowitz’s portofolio, lq45 index, t-test, return, risk [1]
      Marriage Communication Skills, Sexual Satisfaction, Marriage Quality [1]
      Meat ball, Rice bran, Antioxidant, Functional quality [1]
      Meatball, Food, Healthy, Nutritious [1]
      Meatball, Food, Healthy,Nutririous [1]
      meatball, quality, price, buying decision, consumer behavior, food industry [1]
      Media, Celebrity, Teenager, Behavior [1]