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      banking, disruptive innovation, FinTech, P2P lending, MSME, Non MSME. [1]
      behavior, territorial, social space, kampung neighborhood, crime prevention [1]
      behavioral architecture, pottery craftmen’s settlement, productive house [1]
      BIPV, Efficiency, Folding, Individual and Communal Behaviour, Office, Orientation. [1]
      BIPV, Electrical energ, Greenship, On-site renewable energy,Solar radiation [1]
      BIPV, Energy-Mix, Folding Roof, Low-Carbon Building. [1]
      Bisnis Keluarga, Personality system, Famili System, Ownership system dan Management System, Faktor sukses bisnis keluarga [1]
      Black rice cereal, anthocyanin extract, hyperglycemia, insulin, antioxidant, histopathology [1]
      Black rice; sensory preference; anthocyanin; phenolic; antioxidant [1]
      Blue Ocean Strategy, Green Innovation Performance, Uncontested Marketspace, competition irrelevant, creating and capture new demand, the value cost trade off, achieving differentiation and low cost [1]
      Brand Awareness, Brand Characteristics, Creative Industry, Integrated Marketing Communication, Product Placement [1]
      Brand community, brand trust, brand loyalty [1]
      Brand equity, B2B market, Car accessories, Brand [1]
      brand image, service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty [1]
      brand personality, self-image, self-congruity, satisfaction, loyalty [1]
      Brand, Corporate Rebranding, Entrepreneurship Ability, Repositioning [1]
      branding, packaging, product quality, prize [1]
      Breastfeeding, EBF (Exclusive Breastfeeding), Mother, Working Mother [1]
      budgeting participation, motivation, managerial performance [1]
      Business Continuation, Family Business, Father, Indonesia, Son. [1]