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      Facade, Visual elements, Machiya [1]
      Facebook, online business, perceived number of user, user experience, technology acceptance model [1]
      factor analysis, execution, start-up business, student of Ciputra University [1]
      Factor, Competitiveness, Supplier, Management, Supply Chain [1]
      factors, turnover intention, confirmatory factor analysis, quantitative [1]
      failures, successes, entrepreneurship program, an entrepreneur [2]
      Faktor Internal, Keberhasilan Start-up Bisnis [1]
      Family Business, Business Complexity, Family Complexity [1]
      family business, generation gap, succesion gap [1]
      family business, generation gap, succession [1]
      Family Business, Generation, Challenge, Manage, Environment. [1]
      Family Business, Personality System, Family System, Ownership System and Management System, Sustainability Family Business. [1]
      family business, personality system, succesor qualification, entrepreneurial orientation, willingness to take over responsibility, personality traits, management and leadership skill, success in family business [1]
      Family Business, Succession, Conflict, Policy, Governance, Accountability, Transperancy, Fairness, Consensus Oriented [1]
      Family Business, Succession, Personality System, Family System, Ownership System, Management System [1]
      Family business, succession, succession planning, founder, successor [1]
      Family Control, Shareholders Liquidity, Growth Capital, Sharma Performance Matrix [1]
      Famly Business, Succession, Conflict Management [1]
      Feasibility Studies, Organizational Aspects, Technological Aspects [1]
      Feasibility study, Business development, Consultant, Architect [1]