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      complementary and alternative medicine; traditional medicine; holistic medicine; integrative medicine; health psychology; Indonesia [1]
      complementary-alternative medicine, attitude, music therapy, clinical psychologist, physician [1]
      complementary-alternative medicine, entrepreneurial sustainability, medical tourism, health psychology, integrated medicine [1]
      complementary-alternative medicine, woman reproductive health, health psychology [1]
      computational design, digital fabrication, digital perception, design tools [2]
      computer vision, convolutional neural network, deep learning, hand gesture recognition, indonesian sign language recognition [1]
      conflict, family relationship, gender, succession, communication [1]
      Conflict, Tourism Industry, Maluku [1]
      Construction Services, Sustainability, Strategies, Product Development, Competitiveness [1]
      Consumer Behavior, Customer Satisfaction, Consumption. [1]
      Consumer Behavior, Transmigrants, Society Behavior, Descriptive-qualitative research [1]
      consumer ethnocentrism, brand preferences, social identification, SCONET Scale [1]
      Consumer Loyalty, B2B Influencing Factor, Perceptual Drivers and Geographical Factor [1]
      Consumer, Perception, Food, Product Quality [1]
      Content analysis, Controversial product, Cross-cultural research, Product adaptation decision, Suciosexuality [1]
      corporate entrepreneur, human resource management, entrepreneurial culture [1]
      Corporate Social Responsibility disclosure, tax aggressiveness, sustainability assurance, business ethics [1]
      Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR in Tourism, Surabaya Tourism [1]
      Corporate social responsibilty, implementation, starbucks [1]
      Corporate Strategy, Space Matrix, Industry Analysis. [1]