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      17?-estradiol, MMP-13, Type 2 collagen [1]
      Abusive Supervision, Negative Reciprocity Beliefs, Salesperson Deviance, Restaurant Service Attendants [1]
      Academic self-concept, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, confirmatory factor analysis, Indonesian version scales [1]
      accounting study program, customer capital, higher education, human capital, intellectual capital, performance, structural capital. [1]
      Active learning, Higher education, Learning Model, Learning method, Human resources [1]
      Acupuncture, ST 36, diabetes, expression of TNF-, apoptosis [1]
      Adaptive Reused, greenship, green building council Indonesia, indoor health and comfort. [1]
      Adolescent Entrepreneurial Orientation, Leisure Time, Entrepreneurship [1]
      adolescents, consumer culture, mall, place attachment [1]
      Aduino; ZigBee; wireless sensor network [1]
      Advertising, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, Purchasing Decisions [1]
      Agency Conflicts, Institutional Ownership, Leverage, and Free Cash Flow [1]
      agile technique [1]
      Agriculture Extension Service, Rural Financing, Institutional Context of Lender, agricultural technology adoption, Indonesia [1]
      Alice, Game-Based Learning, Higher Education, Java, Object Oriented Programming [1]
      Android [1]
      Android, mobile, RunForRun [1]
      Annual Radiation Received, BIPV, Folding Wall, Orientation, Tilt, Behavior. [1]
      Annual radiation received, BIPV, folding wall, orientation, uniformity, tilt [1]
      APA, Qualitative, Research, Academia (Budgeting, Student-Centered Learning, Student Entrepreneurial Profile) [1]