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Title: Confirmatory Factor Analysis on Organization Reputation, Strategic Leadership, and Organization Culture as A Resources-Basedview
Authors: Wahjudono, Denny Bernardus Kurnia
Ellitan, Lena
Otok, Bambang Widjanarko
Keywords: Organization reputation, Strategic leadership, Organization culture, CFA
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2013
Publisher: Journal of Management Research - 2013, Vol. 5, No. 2 - ISSN 1941-899X
Citation: Wahjudono, D. B. K., Ellitan, L., & Otok, B. W. (2013). Confirmatory factor analysis on organization reputation, strategic leadership, and organization culture as a resources-basedview. Journal of Management Research, 05(02), 260-268. Retrieved from http://dspac
Abstract: This research is intended to validate the measurement model of organization reputation, strategic leadership, and organization culture as a resources-based view. The essence of the measurment model as follow as: (1) the stronger the good employer is the stronger organization reputation will be; (2) the stronger the ability to think strategically is the stronger the strategic leadership is; and (3) the stronger the freedom to grow and to fail is the stronger the organization culture is. The measurement model based on theoretical framework successfully reaches convergent validity and composite reliability. This measurement model of intangible asset in the organization base of resource based view to be used in advanced research on corporate entrepreneurship. The revalidation of measurement model in wider context and population, for example the small business sector, becomes the agenda of the future research. For practical purpose, the usage of measurement model indicators can be accomplished.
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