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Title: Peran Inovasi Vegetarian Abon Tempe
Authors: Minantyo, Hari
Keywords: Fermented Soybean Cake, Floss, Innovation.
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: Media MAHARDHIKA - Vol. 8 No. 3 Mei 2010 - ISSN: 0854-0861
Citation: Minantyo, H. (2010). Peran inovasi vegetarian abon tempe. Media Mahardhika "Media Komunikasi Ekonomi dan Manajemen", 08(03), 001-010. Retrieved from
Abstract: Fermented soybean cake is one of Indonesian traditional foods which is familiar in Indonesian community starting from the villages until big cities. It can be consumed by the kids until old people, because it is mostly sold at either traditional markets or supermarkets with reasonable and affordable price. Fermented soybean cake floss is one of the alternative innovations and need to be popular to add various kinds of foods which have not been found until recently. With the innovation of making the floss with basic ingredient of fermented soybean cake, it can be done either by household or home industry that want to increase their income.
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