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Title: Analisa Pembedaan Rasa Abon Bandeng Jenis Chanos-Chanos Dengan Abon Bandeng Jenis Payus Ditinjau Dari Kandungan Protein, Lemak, Mineral, Rasa, Aroma Dan Tekstur
Authors: Minantyo, Hari
Keywords: milkfish, chnos, payus, protein, fat, mineral, taste, flavor and texture.
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: Media MAHARDHIKA - Vol. 7 No.3 September 2009 - ISSN : 0854-0861
Citation: Minantyo, H. (2009). Analisa pembedaan rasa abon bandeng jenis chanos-chanos dengan abon bandeng jenis payus ditinjau dari kandungan protein, lemak, mineral, rasa, aroma dan tekstur. Media Mahardhika "Media Komunikasi Ekonomi dan Manajemen", 07(03), 081-097. Retrieved from
Abstract: Indonesia becomes agricultural country consists of many islands which are surrounded by sea produces many types offish, one of them is milkfish. Milkfish is a kind of sea fish in which can be kept by fishpond farmer by using salty water. Nutritious content in milkfisli is high enough, but its flesh contains a lot of soft bone so not all of the people want to consume it as side dish if compared with the other types offish : As educated people, we have duty and realize that it is important to help government program in the effort of varying the processing food product in which the basic material is quite abundant and can be found easily. Therefore, it can be applied and be used by people. This processing food product is floss in which the basic material is milkfish type. In this case, through this opportunity, the writer observes especially the difference between the milkfish floss "chanos " type and the milkfish floss "payus" type which is observed from the content of protein, fat, mineral, taste, flavor. and texture.
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