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Title: Building Self-Esteem in the Early Years
Authors: Lukito Setiawan, Jenny
Keywords: Self-esteem, sense of security, sense of identity, sense of belonging, sense of purpose, sense of personal competence.
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: Psikologika Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi - No.20 Tahun X Juli 2005 - ISSN: 1410-4289 – Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Islam Indonesia
Citation: Setiawan, J. L. (2005). Building self-esteem in the early years. Psikologika Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, 20(X), 134-140. Retrieved from
Abstract: This article looks at the practical ways of building self-esteem in the early years. It describes the concepts of self-esteem and characteristics of children with high self-esteem and those with low self-esteem. The practical ways of building self-esteem are discussed under the five essential component of self-esteem pointed out by Reasoner and Dusa (1991), which include sense of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and personal competence.
ISSN: 1410-4289
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