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      Abnormal Return, Event Study, Pemilihan Umum Presiden [1]
      Abnormal Return, Event Study, Presidential Election [1]
      Abon, Kulit Singkong, Jamur Tiram Putih [1]
      Absen, sanksi, reward, kepuasan kerja, manajemen sumber daya manusia. [1]
      Abusive Supervision, Negative Reciprocity Beliefs, Salesperson Deviance, Restaurant Service Attendants [1]
      Academic Achievement; Students’ Monthly Spending; Mentoring Quality; Money For Business [1]
      Academic Information System, Human Computer Interaction, Usability, User Experience, Learnability, Efficiency, Memorabiilty, Errors, Satisfaction. [1]
      Academic performance, mahasiswa, psychological well-being [1]
      Academic self-concept, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, confirmatory factor analysis, Indonesian version scales [1]
      Accounting Active Leaning, Etika, Metode Pengajaran [1]
      Accounting Active Learning, Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurial University, integrasi pembelajaran akuntansi, pendidikan akuntansi [1]
      accounting active learning, kreativitas, pendidikan akuntansi [1]
      accounting study program, customer capital, higher education, human capital, intellectual capital, performance, structural capital. [1]
      accounting; group-work; soft skills [1]
      Accurate, accounting information system [1]
      Accurate, Sistem Informasi Akuntansi [1]
      achievement motivation, contextual performance, employee empowerment [1]
      Achievement Motivation, Entrepreneurial, Entrepreneurship, Motivasi, Sense of Achievement. [1]
      Achievement, Academic Performance, Feedback [1]
      achievement, award, relationship with superiors, salary, work conditions, work safety. [1]