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      leadership styles, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, laissez-faire, gender, age [1]
      Leadership, compensation, motivation, performance. [1]
      Leadership, crisis, Contingency Approach, fatal flaws [1]
      leadership, family value, family business, organizational culture [1]
      Leadership, Leadership Style, Leadership, Path-Goal Theory [1]
      Leadership, Relationship, Motivation [1]
      Leadership, Sense of Achievement, Kinerja, Performance, Kepemimpinan, Motivasi, Motivasi Berprestasi [1]
      Leadership, successor commitment, organizational family culture, and family business succession [1]
      lean canvas, lean startup, entrepreneurshiplearning, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial project [1]
      lean canvas, lean startup, optimization, corporate entrepreneurship [1]
      Lean Startup, Validated Learning [1]
      Learning duration, learning outcomes, anatomy score of blok one, anatomy score of blok two [1]
      Learning Methods, Active Learning, Conventional Learning Method, Reading Guide, Think Group Share [1]
      Learning model, Entrepreneurship, Effectuation approach [1]
      Learning models; Information systems curriculum; Entrepreneurship Project and Problem Based Learning [1]
      Learning Orientation; Entrepreneurial Orientation; Innovation; Performance; New Hotel [1]
      Learning Strategy, Cooperative Learning Strategy, Entrepreneurship Education [1]
      Level of Education. Old business, income, SMEs in Surabaya [1]
      leverage, assetutilization, expropriation, tunneling, control mechanisms [1]
      leverage, financial performance, automotive companies, ASEAN [1]