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      Observation, Consumer Profile [1]
      occupational wellness, stress kerja, Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM) [1]
      Online Advertisement, Discount, Design Innovation Product, Customer Engagement, Purchase Decision [1]
      online advertising, consumer attitudes, memory, purchasing decisions [1]
      Online Auction, facebook, Hot Wheels, diecast, marketing mix, product, price, promotion, process [1]
      Online Business, Housewife, Social Media, Business Creation [1]
      online clothing brand, social media marketing, pendekatan komunikasi visual, penyajian konten, aspek estetika, aspek pesan. [2]
      online clothing brand; social media marketing; visual communication approach; content display; aesthetic aspect; message aspect [1]
      Online game addiction, sleep quality, medical students [1]
      Online Game Addiction, Stress Level [1]
      Online games, triangulation, perception, and MANOVA. [1]
      online media ; personal selling ; decision of purchasing [1]
      Online medical consultation, patient and doctor perception, telemedicine, doctor-patient communication [1]
      openbravo erp [1]
      Operating Cash Flow, Investment Cash Flow, Funding Cash Flow, Financial Performance [1]
      Opportunity Awareness , Entrepreneurship, Family Business [1]
      Optimalisasi jaringan jalur transportasi menggunakan analisis Minimum Spanning Tree dan Maximum Flow. [1]
      Optimalisasi, Supply Chain Management, SWOT, Strategic Level, Upstream Supply Chain, Internal Supply Chain, Downstream Supply Chain [1]
      Optimasi Transportasi Jaringan Menggunakan Analisis Minimum Spanning Tree Dan Maximum Flow. [1]
      Organic [1]