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    • Karakteristik Bureaucratic Entrepreneur pada Walikota Surabaya 

      Urbanus, Christian Budiman; Maichal, Maichal (Lembaga Penelitian dan Publikasi Universitas Ciputra, 2014-09-01)
      Atstract: Governmort plays a vital partin creating a successful economic development of a country. However, errors and mismanagement are commonly found in government role as the controller ;f their nation. To achieve the ...
    • The Role of Female Leadership and Female Entrepreneurship in Business in Surabaya 

      Liliani; Urbanus, Christian Budiman (Journal of Economics, Business, & Acconntancy Ventura – Vol.17 No.1, April 2014 – ISSN: 2087-3735, E-ISSN: 2888-785X - Perbanas, 2014-04)
      The issue of gender equality has still been a global topic. This implies that male and female should be treated equally. In Indonesia, the realization of gender equality should be pursued by providing wider opportunities ...
    • What Indonesian Students Want From a University? The Case for AEC 2015 

      Urbanus, Christian Budiman (Universitas Ciputra Surabaya, 2014-09-18)
      This research studied the quality dimensions of a university according to Indonesian students. Research was done by doing in depth-interview with students. Using content analysis method, research result showed that ...