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      Labor force participation rate, school participation rate, business and human capital accumulation. [1]
      Laboran, Realtime, Presensi, Near Field Communication (NFC), Platform Android, Kartu Pintar (Smartcard), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) [1]
      laju filtrasi glomerulus (LFG) [1]
      Larva, Aedes aegypti, ikan A. Albifrons, Kemampuan makan, DBD [1]
      Leader Member Exchange, Organization Citizenship Behavior, Company [1]
      Leader-Member Exchange; Perceived Supervisor Support; Organizational Citizenship Behavior; Subordinates’ Performance; Hospitality Industry [1]
      Leadership [1]
      leadership [2]
      Leadership Behavior, Human Resources Management Practice, Organization Culture And Organization Performance [1]
      Leadership Style, Job Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Entrepreneurship [1]
      Leadership Style, Leadership, Corporate Lifecycle, Start-up Business. [1]
      leadership style, nurse maturity level, caring behavior,nurse [1]
      Leadership styles, Leadership, leader [1]
      Leadership, crisis, Contingency Approach, fatal flaws [1]
      lean canvas, lean startup, entrepreneurshiplearning, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial project [1]
      lean canvas, lean startup, optimization, corporate entrepreneurship [1]
      Learning Achievement, Family Medicine, Medical Students, Learning Activity [1]
      Learning management, lesson study quality control. [1]
      Learning model, Entrepreneurship, Effectuation approach [1]
      Learning models; Information systems curriculum; Entrepreneurship Project and Problem Based Learning [1]